Is Israel repeating Nazi history?

Today, what’s going on in Palestine, unfortunately, refers back to the treatment the Jewish people received during the Hitler-led regime. As if a sequence of that last episode is going to be replayed. More than 220 Palestinians, including 63 children, 36 women have been killed in Gaza since the latest violence flared up. About 1,500 Palestinians are said to be seriously injured.

Israel’s ongoing brutal oppression and tyranny against Palestinians especially targeting innocent children prove that the souls of Nazis have found new bodies in the Israeli government officials and military soldiers. Is Zionism a new name for Nazism? Is every Zionist soldier like Hitler? What difference has been left when Zionism is committing the same crimes? If it is not holocaust and ethnic cleansing, what else be it labeled?

The killing of innocent children is a grave violation of the obligations set under the Fourth Geneva Convention and other treaties, including the UN Convention on the Right of the Child. Sadly, this isn’t the first time that Israel has dyed its hands with the blood of innocent Palestinian children. Rather, it has been continuously doing so. More than 500 Palestinian children currently are in Israeli jails who have committed no crime at all.

From murdering and maiming of children, their abduction, attacks against schools and hospitals, and denial of humanitarian access to children are a routine-matter for Israel. And many more are suffering from lifelong disabilities, including as a result of the amputation of limbs.

Barbarism against Palestinian children reminds us of the Holocaust, the single-most traumatic phenomenon for the Jewish community in the 20th century. When World War II broke out in September 1939, the number of Jewish children living in the occupied territories under Hitler-led German and its allies was about 1.6 million. By the end of the war in 1945, it is reported that more than one million or 1.5 million Jewish children were killed by the Nazis as per pre-planned genocide.

No doubt, this systematic, state-sponsored persecution, and murder of six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators are highly condemnable. Genocide is a crime. But, today, the Jews who were once the victim of the Holocaust seem to be repeating that history in Palestine.

Israel just like Nazi Germany is denying innocent children their right to live. They are being killed in the cold blood with no mercy at all. As if Nazis, not Israelis are doing this all. As if Pharaoh along with his army is in action on this piece of land. Because Nazis were savages, they didn’t bother killing children and women. Emanuel Ringelblum (1900 –1944), a Polish-Jewish historian, in his famous “Warsaw Ghetto” writes “Even in the most barbaric times, humanity would be seen in the heart of the cruelest and oppressive, and children would be spared. But Hitler’s savagery is very different from that of swallowing up our dearest entities. Those who create extreme tenderness in us. Our innocent children.” Can the Israeli government at least figure out the feelings of their historian conveyed in this reference?

No religion or belief in the world allows the killing of innocent children and women. Adolf Hitler did not believe in any religion, but what about the Jewish people living in Israel? Don’t they have Torah as Divine guidance? Do the teachings of Judaism permit the killing of innocent children?

Do mothers and sisters not live in Israel? Is there no such thing as a heart in their chest walls? Don’t they see the dead bodies of Palestinian children? What if these were their own children’s bodies? Don’t the Israeli mothers see their Palestinian counterparts’ empty laps? Don’t they feel the pain and suffering of the Palestinian mothers whose lives have been ruined? Do their consciousness not urge them to ask their husbands and sons who are in the Israeli army as to how their hearts dared to open fire towards the innocent children whose only fault was that they were playing on the ground, worshipping in the mosque, or walking while holding fingers of their fathers? Don’t they have their children?

This barbarism of the Hitler-minded army must not be tolerable. If the dangerous practice of killing innocent children persists, then every oppressive country would dare to do so. This is the extreme point of injustice that children in Israel are enjoying all facilities of life including social security, good education, and adequate nutrition, but the children in Palestine are even deprived of their right to live. It is high time that Israel must be banned, sanctioned, isolated, and punished as per UN laws. Merely issuing verbal condemnation won’t work.

Last but not the least, let me ask the western world one more question. What will be your reaction when someone kills your pet animal like a dog or cat? Are Palestinian children inferior to animals? Can you allow violence against children in movies? Then, why are you silent on Israeli atrocities against little angels?


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