Is PIA being Run by Cobblers? Who is the Real Culprit?

15th January 2021: Is PIA being run by cobblers? Mubasher Lucman loses all patience with the disaster that Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has become. He also despairs of the civil aviation industry in Pakistan.

Baaghi TV reports that senior anchorperson Mubasher Lucman has explained the latest disasters to befall the civil aviation industry of Pakistan in general, and the beleaguered national carrier in particular, in his latest YouTube video. This is what happened:

First, A PIA jet is currently impounded in Malaysia due to default in payment of a lease instalment. Second, Iran has banned its airspace for use by the airline. At this, Mr Lucman states, the only appropriate response is: ‘Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raji’oon’ (rest in peace).

What went wrong with the civil aviation industry?

“I asked every Prime Minister to reform the Civil Aviation Authority. If they fail to do so, the whole civil aviation industry in Pakistan will be destroyed. If the regulator itself is not doing its job, how can the operators be expected to run smoothly? With the CAA running amok, the PIA cannot be reformed. I will explain how all this began in the Nawaz Sharif era.”

“I am not saying this without any political prejudice, but on the basis of facts; plain and simple”, he stated. “PIA’s debt is now up to 450 billion, in which money the government can setup 25 airlines, or 20 good airlines. What is the need for running this disaster in all this money?”

“The head of the CAA in the Nawaz Sharif era is to this day controlling affairs from outside and earning from the institution. He is the only one benefiting because he gave all the contracts to his own companies. I have personally told all this to Prime Minister Imran Khan. The current government is also culpable. It knows that the shenanigans of the Nawaz era continue. It has not been able to stop them under the PTI.”

Mubasher Lucman states that the CAA has played a role in the destruction of PIA. Also responsible, he says, is the government, and the staff of the airline itself. He says that this is the first time I am holding the staff responsible as well.

Wrong Men for the Right Job?

He likens those who run the PIA with an electrician who fixes ordinary household equipment and is then told to overhaul a state-of-the-art electric car.

“Just because he is good at what he does, does it necessarily follow that he should be given tasks considerably beyond his ken? Things should just not be done this way!” he said. “An analogy can be drawn between the current state of the PIA and the civil aviation industry in Pakistan and a suit of high-quality fabric that has been stitched by a cobbler instead of a professional tailor!”

Mubasher Lucman laments that he has been asking for eons to this institution to be reformed becomes impossible to keep it alive; let alone restore it to the oft-mentioned former glory.

“I had pointed out in my program based on the sounds, that a certain ATR propellor plane is going to crash, and sadly, it did. Who is responsible for the criminal negligence that led to the loss of 47 precious lives? Was any FIR cut on those responsible?”

“The worst of it is, that we just keep pulling out our hair in frustration at the state of affairs of the civil aviation industry in Pakistan but NO one seems to be interested in turning it round.”

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