Is Trump trying to buy the US elections?

Washington, 5th November: A video has gone viral highlighting how Donald Trump bought the votes from his opposition.

According to a Baaghi TV report, the US election has taken place, but in the meantime, strange stories are emerging during which a video has gone viral.

US President has sent food items to a Democratic voter. They have a telephone set. Similarly apples, potatoes and other foodstuffs and goods that are packed in a box.

It should be noted that all these things fall into the category of rigging before the election. Such temptations are given to buy votes. A similar tactic has been used by the US President.

The counting of votes for the new president of the United States is underway after the polls. Democratic candidate Joe Biden needs six electoral votes to win the election.

270 electoral votes are required to become the President of the United States. Democratic candidate Joe Biden has 264 votes so far and Republican candidate Donald Trump has 214 votes.

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