Is ‘Ye Dil Mera’ Really Controversial?

LAHORE (24th Oct, 2019): The evolution of Pakistan’s drama industry is quite interesting, with upcoming serial,Ye Dil Mera coming under public scrutiny.

According to details, Ye Dil Mera is an upcoming drama serial, written by Farhat Ishtiaq and directed by Ahson Talish. The main characters of the drama serial are reportedly being portrayed by Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Ali who have appeared in Yaqeen Ka Safar before this and completely wooed the public with their onscreen chemistry.

Reportedly, Ye Dil Mera has become controversial after it’s first teaser. Following the release of its first teaser, Ye Dil Mera has garnered much attention from fans and Twitterati alike, with many pointing out that the yet-to-be-aired drama serial is advocating harassment, however, as confirmed by Fuschia magazines latest interview with Farhat Ishtiaq and Ahson Talish, it seems the writer and director seem to disagree with the public opinion that the drama has so far received.

Farhat Ishtiaq’s take on the controversy:

When the writer of Ye Dil Mera, Farhat Ishtiaq had been asked about the not-so-welcome romance in the drama serial, she said, “Some people did not perceive that scene which everyone is discussing on social media. It is completely different and there is not any kind of harassment in that scene.”

While talking about the “boss” (Ahad Raza Mir) who is allegedly taking advantage as it can be been seen in the teaser. The writer denied the claims categorically stating “No no, there is no such kind of thing. Wait for the first few shows, after that, the audience will understand the context of drama serial and his behaviour. The context of the drama serial is not what it is been perceived to be by the audience. Why would a girl wear jhumkas to a job interview?”

While, answering the multitude of questions asked by the audience online regarding Sajal Ali’s “nikkah-ready” look, Ishtiaq added “Most of the females did not feel like dressing up during job interview. However, there is a backstory too in this. I do not know why people have developed conclusions after the teaser.”

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While talking about the evolution of the drama industry, Ishtiaq added, “Ye Dil Mera is a risk because before this one, no one has really done a romantic thriller on Pakistani television.” She also appreciated Ahad Raza Mir for accepting such a type of character.

Ishtiaq is hopeful that the audience will accept this project as they have welcomed her previous works.

Ahson Talish’s take on the controversy:

Ahson Talish, the director behind the upcoming project, seems to be enjoying the so far “negative” buzz around the series. He excitedly said, “This is the teaser we were looking for.”

He further added, “The kind of feedback I got through Whatsapp is breathtaking as we did not have [any] idea that it will blow out of proportion. So just keep calm and love the controversy. It will give great hype to the story.

While talking about romance in the drama serial Ye Dil Mera, he said, “What cheesy romance? The critics needs not only to grow up but also needs to grow young. He concluded “It is romantic. It is romantic. It is romantic.”


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