Islam and women’s rights vs. Feminism

On August 14, 2021, a reprehensible and unfortunate incident occurred in grater Iqbal Park, Lahore around 1900 hrs. Later on, social and mainstream media flooded with various trends, videos, and talk shows. I personally believe that prompt legal action should be taken against all the perpetrators for their heinous crimes, and they should be behind the bars.

Moreover, if that was a publicity stunt then the girl and her facilitators should also be penalized because the act is a severely fatal blow to all the women who are genuinely striving to fight against harassment and molestation.

These types of incidents simply reflect the prevailing sick and “animal instincts” of our society, these incidents expose that we are rapidly heading towards moral downfall and collapse, breaching legal and moral barriers. The government along with all social institutions miserably failed to even identify and address the root cause of the problem associated with physical and sexual violence against vulnerable groups. Whenever there is talk of women’s rights, it is propagated that Islam has oppressed women, deprived them of their rights, and kept them as prisoners.

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Isn’t it a fact that countries and institutions that talk about women’s rights have emerged a hundred years ago? Whereas Islam had liberated women from oppression and abuse fifteen hundred years ago. First of all, according to Islam, as a human being, there is no difference between a man and a woman and both are noble creatures, otherwise, the religions and civilizations before that were not ready to accept a woman as a human being.

The rights that Islam has given to women have not been given by any civilization or institution in the world to date. Islam has given women a unique position in every respect and has defined their rights. If she is a wife, then she is the queen of the house, if she is a daughter, then she is a mercy and blessing, if she is a sister, then she is the good news of paradise for her brother and if she is a mother, then there is paradise under her feet. This is the general concept of Islam regarding women.

Can any civilization offer such a pure and comprehensive concept?

Islam has also clearly stated the educational, social, economic rights and entitlements of women. The mother’s lap was declared the child’s first school. Which shows how important it is for a woman to be educated. They have the right to earn a halal livelihood and to manage their property as they wish. Even in the case of marriage, although the guardian has the power to look for and accept the boy as suitable, without the will and desire of the girl, she cannot be married to anyone.

A woman’s consent is necessary.

Islam establishes rights and rights for both men and women. If both live in their respective spheres and exercise them, human society can become prosperous and secure in every way.

Today, some Muslim women are being deceived in the name of female liberation in imitation of Europe. While the oppressed women of Europe are inclined towards Islam after witnessing the dire consequences of misbehavior. This is the deceitful slogan of women’s liberation. Under the guise of this slogan, their dignity is being played with and women are being deprived of their status as a mother, sister, daughter, and wife. The woman who was once the epitome of nobility in the house and a symbol of respect and reverence was robbed of her feminine possessions by the wealth of this slogan and made a victim of horrible sexual glances. It is all the work of an exploitative gang that today the shame and chastity of the daughter of Hawa is being auctioned off in the markets.

In Europe and the United States today, a woman is a creature that is used only to sell commercial goods and her body is commoditized to increase the sale of commercial goods.

Is this a sign of a woman’s freedom and her dignity and her rights…?

Remember that this treatment is also given to a woman as long as she remains attractive to men, and when her attractiveness decreases, her value ceases eventually all her physical radiance ceases. When it falls, this capitalist society turns away from it. Then the institutions where she showed the essence of perfection, reject it, and she is forced to spend the remaining days of her life in an old age home or psychiatric hospital alone or in a state of depression.

If you read the writings and speeches of the pioneers of this movement, it seems that the pioneers of this movement have included the whole range of women’s freedom and rights in sexual freedom. Can the promotion of sexual anarchy be called feminism in any way?

Statistics from a United Nations report show that despite such freedom in Western society, women work 20% more than men. Since they work outside and also have to deal with household chores. An estimate of all the work around the world shows that 66% of these jobs are the responsibility of women and only 34% of the work of men. These figures are made by those who are very knowledgeable about women’s emancipation. Women should now think for themselves whether they are gaining freedom or are being subjected to more torture.
Hence, it is finalized that instead of taunting the Islamic code of conduct for women, we must have to work on civic education. It is high time to formulate a roadmap to counsel the youth about the dignity of women and teach them how to respect a woman.

Amelioration in civic education is a much-needed aspect to curb these types of crimes. It should be addressed as soon as possible before it’s too late!

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