Islamabad Airport terminal affected by strong winds

Islamabad, 10th May: Islamabad Airport has once again deceived the passengers by its non-reliability.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, Terminal 9 of the airport in the federal capital Islamabad has slipped due to strong winds and rain.

According to the sources, the passengers were waiting for the plane to take off but the terminal displaced due to heavy winds.

Later the passengers were shifted from the B6 lounge to the A1 lounge. PIA flight PK701 was also diverted to Terminal 7. Flight PK701 has flown to Manchester. Officials say the derailed terminal will be relocated soon.

It may be recalled that Islamabad Airport was inaugurated two years ago on May 1, 2018. Damage due to poor construction at the 19-square-kilometer airport has become a commonplace.

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Even a few months ago, the roof of the airport started dripping due to rain in Islamabad, which made the scanning machine wet. The scanning machine was covered with a plastic cover for safety.

As a result of continuous rains in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, water has also reached the airport lounge making the situation.

If the airport in our capital city is showing such flaws, then it is a pure depiction of the drawbacks of our system which needs to be worked upon. We need honest people in each sector to carry out their duties diligently.

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