Islamabad High Court has ordered details of Tax on Cinema Tickets

During the hearing against the tax on cinemas, Islamabad High Court has ordered details of cinema tickets to be given to Excise Tax authorities. 

According to the report, Islamabad High Court heard the case against tax on the cinemas, Judge Justice Amir Farooq of Islamabad High Court headed the hearing, he inquired the court if they have found out How many tickets have been sold? 

The Cinema’s lawyer said that the tax is only to the limit of the cinema ticket, five shows run in a cinema at daytime, excise and taxation have to collect 50% entertainment duty. According to the notice sent in 2016, more than 7 million tax is expected on 4 months of revenue, the court directed cinema house owners that they submit all the details of the ticket to the Excise Authority, the court adjourned the case till after the summer holidays. 

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