Islamabad Safer Than New York, Washington and New Delhi

ISLAMABAD, September 19 (Online Int’l): World Crime Index (WCI) has declared Islamabad safer than the cities of developed countries in the world.

With lesser crime rate and being the safest city, Islamabad has outscored the bigger cities of America, London and India. The crime rate in New York is 18% more and in Washington its 29% more.

According to the WCI ratings, 40% betterment has been observed in the ratings of Islamabad and after which the rating of Islamabad is 71 in the worldwide safest cities. In competition with Pakistan’s Federal Capital, New York with 18% reduction is on 53 and Washington with 29% reduction is on 42.

In the ratings of WCI, London is 24% ahead and crimes in Indian Capital New Delhi in competition with Islamabad occurs more than 30%.

In terms of the safest cities, London is below 24% and New Delhi in competition with Islamabad along with 30% reduction is on number 41 of the rating.

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