Israel helped India in Kargil Siege, Israeli Journalist reveals the truth

Israeli journalist confirmed the concerns of Pakistan while confirming that Israel helped India in the Kargil fight and gave a guided missile to air force, which successfully targeted Pakistan’s goals because of which Pakistan suffered. India today had also revealed about this news, but the revelation from the Israeli journalist has completely verified the news. According to the journalist, Israel provided such assistance in the war of Kargil to India, that changed India’s weak state into a powerful one when the Indian Air Force was failing to provide accurate information about Pakistani military position, and Indian missiles were also not targeting accurately.

In such a situation, Israel provided a laser guided missile to the Indian Air Force, which was set up in 2000 aircraft. Precision bombing was done through these missiles, which terminated the level of Pakistan’s top position, without crossing the line of control. In the near past and especially during the period of Modi government, proximity among both the countries have increased rapidly. In this case, India has emerged as the largest country to buy war equipment from Israel.

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