Israel kills Senior Hamas Commanders


Hamas has confirmed the martyrdom of several of its top commanders in the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

According to reports the Palestinian resistance organization Hamas has confirmed the martyrdom of several of its top commanders in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza. They include the Hamas military commander in Gaza City.

Israel’s Shen Bait security agency has claimed that 16 Hamas commanders were killed in the airstrikes, including a senior Hamas commander and weapons expert. Israeli planes targeted his command post.

According to Shen Bait, the airstrikes killed Hamas brigade commander Bassam Isa in Gaza City, Hamas cyber and missile technology chief Juma Talha and 13 members of the armaments unit.

Bassim Issa is the highest-ranking Hamas commander to be martyred since Israel’s 2014 war on Gaza. Hamas has confirmed all of the evidence in a statement.

The Israeli army has carried out hundreds of air strikes on Gaza in the past three days, killing 48 Palestinians, while rocket attacks by Hamas and other Palestinian groups have killed five people and injured several others in Israel.

The Israeli army also carried out several airstrikes on Gaza City on Wednesday, targeting high-rise apartment buildings. The Israeli military claimed that Palestinian militants were hiding in those buildings. Another Palestinian resistance group, Islamic Jihad, attacked the Israeli army. Has confirmed the martyrdom of three of its commanders in the airstrikes.