Israel’s Defense Minister threatens Hamas


25th August: Israeli Defense Minister has threatened Hamas with a serious attack.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz has warned the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas that if it does not stop firing from the Gaza border, our response will be painful.

“Firing balloons are being thrown at us from the Gaza border and our patience is running out,” he said. Our response will be very painful for Hamas.

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Speaking on the sidelines of an Iron Dawn battery tour in southern Israel, according to the Hebrew TV channel KAN, the defense minister said the Hamas leadership was well aware that the flaming balloons being fired at us How dangerous they can be for Hamas. Our response will be very tragic for Hamas.

“We will not accept any rockets or balloons from Gaza,” he added. The actions taken by the Palestinian organizations will be answered effectively and comprehensively.

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Remember that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had said that any gas balloon or flammable material released from the Gaza Strip is no less than a missile for us.

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