ISS survives a major accident after misfire of Russian module

The International Space Station (ISS), a large aircraft orbiting around the world to learn about living and working at space, was thrown briefly out of control on Thursday by Russia’s troubled Nauka laboratory module.

According to the details, a potentially dangerous situation unfolded at the ISS when jet thrusters of Russia’s troubled Nauka laboratory module inadvertently fired a few hours after docking with the orbiting outpost. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) says that the jet thrusters caused the station to fall 45 degrees out of attitude.

The module started firing “inadvertently and unexpectedly, moving the station 45 degrees out of attitude,” NASA said on Twitter. “Recovery operations have regained attitude and the crew is in no danger.”

The incident took place just hours after the arrival of Russia’s Nauka spacecraft on the International Space Station, which reached the ISS after an eight-day flight. The personnel in control of the mission controlled the movement of ISS by launching a rocket mounted on another part of the space station.

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However, the mission control contact with the space station crew at the time of the accident was expected for several minutes, but according to the astronauts on the space station, they did not feel any major shock, and the seven astronauts on board were safe.

NASA also says that a small mistake could have caused a major accident. Therefore, a full investigation into the incident is underway. Due to the accident, NASA and the aviation company Boeing had to postpone the test flight of its automatic spacecraft ‘Starliner’ till August 3, 2021.

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