Noor Muqaddam Case: Thousands of Dollars Looted in The Name of Justice

A campaign by the name of GoFundMe has been launched by a group of people to help Noor Muqaddam’s family meet legal expenses for the murder trial against Zahir Jaffer, son of business tycoon Zakir Jaffer of Ahmed Jaffer and Company and therapist Asmat Adamjee.

According to the details, around $49,843 has been raised so far to support Noor Muqaddam, the daughter of Shaukat Mukaddam, ex Ambassador to South Korea, who was murdered at Zahir Jaffer’s residence in Islamabad’s upscale Sector F-7/4 on Tuesday 20 July, 2021.

Sources reveal that yesterday, a person named Tariq Ghaffar provided information about the Noor Muqaddam case on the online platform GoFundMe and requested for donations. It has been alleged that Tariq Ghaffar is Noor Muqaddam’s brother-in-law who has started this campaign to support the legal financial costs of her case which has now been ‘disabled’ by the organiser

However, it has been revealed yesterday that Shah Khawar, counsel for the plaintiff in Noor Muqaddam murder case, has and will not demand any legal fee for the case.

While talking to anchorperson Mubasher Lucman on his official YouTube channel, Shah Khawar said that “there are some cases in which ‘financial consideration’ is not important, however, as far as this case is concerned I have neither demanded fee from the Muqaddam family nor I intend to do so.”

On the other hand, since the campaign launched on the platform on Wednesday, users have been making donations as per their affordability taking the total count to almost $50,000 as the campaign is targeting a goal to collect $120,000.

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Campaign founder and fund manager Tariq Ghaffar shared photos of Noor Muqaddam on the GoFundMe website, saying, “Going by past experience, this will likely be a lengthy process, spread over multiple stages of litigation. Our total has been calculated to account for all of this, and all proceeds raised through this platform will be used to directly fight Noor’s case. In the event that any funds remain, they will be directed to aid victims of domestic violence.”

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Where will the money go now? What will Tariq Ghaffar do with all the money collected after Shah Khawar’s refusal to charge for the case? That remains a very serious concern for all those who have been tricked by the campaign founder and contributed in the fund.

It may be recalled that Noor Muqaddam, daughter of former Pakistani Ambassador Shaukat Muqaddam, was brutally murdered on July 20 in Islamabad by Zahir Jaffer, owner of Ahmed Jaffer and Company, Jafferjees and SM Jaffer Group.

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