It seems we are scrambling from fire to fire: Mian Haroon Masood

"From combating COVID-19 to the ill fated plane crash, and dimmed propsects of Eid, it seems we are scrambling from fire to fire": Mian Haroon Masood.

The sudden crash of an ill fated flight yesterday at karachi was heart rending and gut wrenching. It has dimmed the prospect of a foreseeable joyous Eid.

My heart goes out for the vctims and their families. The country on the whole is faced with a multitude of challenges. It seems we are scrambling from fire to fire. The covid 19… followed by a series of nerve shattering events has taken its toll on the country in the severest possible manner.

We have to turn the tide. Wrestle the problems in a befitting manner and with an enhanced fervour. Let’s not take the effort away from people who did try to contain themselves in the gravest of situations. Sitting home without work was an impossible luxury for many. What may possibly be the alternative when all else fails, or economy taking a free fall.

Corona is a reality. It seems, as though the humans have invaded their territory. The notion to eradicate corona by fighting is delusional. Not any longer. We don’t have to fight we must now learn to live with this pandemic.

We should focus more on survival tactics rather than becoming stir crazy. As for Imran Khan he should not feel like a lone tree in an empty field. Must garner support from his close ones and those who lend an unconditional support to him.

Mian Haroon Masood Political Leader, Pakistan

Nothing is hunky dory, as for the Ehsas Programme, the results have by far been satisfactory, but its a 9 week wonder. We can’t  have an interminable longing for a paltry annuity on a regular basis to benefit from.

The lock down is a constant phenomenon. The command and control system is one which lacks harmony and congruence. The moon sighting is a classic example of how we go about our official duties at the federal level.

The WWF between Mufti Munib and Fawad Chaudhry was reflecting on the weakness of our government. They both should have worked in tandem. It sparks off undue controversy which could have been avoided easily.

Adjustments should be made accordingly like the Saudis have…so no big deal but, the way the honourable cleric lambasted Fawad Chaudhry only makes things worse. It implied that like corona, they are also here for good, at least, that’s what I made out of maulanas announcement of moon sighting.

Some suggestions for Imran Khan: 

Our country fellows are battle hardy and resilient but let’s not push them to the limit. I mean the exchequer would be blown off if things continue the same way.

Ours is an agro based economy. One of the reasons why we survived earlier on in the worst of the recessions.

Any individual or a family having more than ten acres of land should be identified. Instead of nationalizing their land for their poor Pakistani brothers at this critical juncture, they could be asked politely not through an order.

We need your support, any thing beyond their needs should be dished out to the government, to feed these mouths.

Imagine, what if corona persists longer than expected? Say for instance it goes on unabated for like two years. How would you feed your men? Ultimately every thing would boil down to tilling of the soil and getting bountiful harvests.

These men in their respective areas could be asked to work for the landlords, like it is done in most of our rural areas. The labour gets a certain amount of the yield against services rendered. The same formula could be replicated. This could be done in perpetuity.

If the farmers are magnimanimous they could come with an increased percentage to benefit and bring more people in the scope of this respectful arrangement of earning while working.

You could employ tens of thousands of people to till the land and feed them corrospindingly. This is a long term solution. All stake holders are thustaken care of. Baluchistan is three quarters of Pakistan. The land is arid and barren. Only if there were a technological break through of water it would feed many mouths.

Focus should be more on agriculture in my opinion.

It is Eid and we must all push aside our rivalaries, biases, prejudices. Come forward and work together for a more prosperous Pakistan.

Mian Haroon Masood Political Leader, Pakistan

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