It’s all over, Asim Azhar issued a meaningful message

June 7, 2021 Karachi: Pakistan’s young and well-known singer Asim Azhar shared a meaningful message for critics.

On the social networking site Instagram Stories, Asim Azhar released a long message in two parts, in which he also drew attention without naming anyone. He said that for the last one and a half years, his followers and social media users have been criticizing him and that people have ridiculed him everywhere, he has endured everything in silence for so long. He said he is now content and that he is happily making music and spending time with his family.

He said during the past one and half year, he has been targeted on social media platforms and the whole community seemed to be making fun of him, with memes directed to hurt him. He said all his posts had hate filled comments under them. He said his name had become a standing joke and even his so called supporters and friends made fun of him. Nobody heard his side of the story.

Asim Azhar wrote, “Let everyone be happy in their lives, Amen, it was already there, but from today onwards, this story has stopped forever.” The singer wrote in his post that “the purpose of sharing this post was to tell some people that there is a limit to human hearing, if you are human then I am also human”.

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