It’s Mazaq-e-Maeeshat not ‘Meesaq-e-Maeeshat’: Maryam Nawaz


Maryam Nawaz rejected the offer of PML-N president Shehbaz Shairf and termed it Mazaq-e-Maeeshat.

According to the reports of Baaghitv, PML-N vice president and supremo spokesperson Maryam Nawaz Sharif held a press conference in Lahore today said offering charter of economy to PM Khan is like offering him NRO for his incompetence, due to which Pakistan is facing crisis at economic front.

She said this offer of Shehbaz Sharif to ”Nalaiq-e-Azam” (the biggest incompetent) will only benefit him for damaging national economy. She maintained that party president had his views while she also has her own views.

Maryam Nawaz made a point that incompetent is not willing to sit with any opposition member but he is willing to sit within opposition to cover up his failure in economic policies and he wants them to be blamed as well for his failure in economic front.

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