Rabi Peerzada a growing fake churning out illiterate religious videos


Lahore, 12th April: Former Pakistani singer, Rabi Peerzada has managed to snag a seat in the spotlight by means of a video message.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, Rabi Peerzada, the failed-singer had thereby made the very public decision to step down from her long career in music for more “pious” endeavours. She had cited reasons for wanting a stronger connection with the creator.

Peerzada, who is no stranger to controversies, has managed to make waves on social media once more. Albeit for “religious” pursuits. With her latest video preaching the message of Islam, Peerzada has failed to maintain her carefully cultivated facade of a pious seeker of knowledge.

The snippet from her video, shows her all scarf-clad, reciting verses from the Quran to give her viewers a glimpse of her life post-showbiz. Her barely noticeable slip-of-tongue, which may be considered blasphemous by some, is the highlight of the short video clip where Peerzada fails to remember that the Quran is only comprised of 30 Paras. It is to be noted, that this is a basic knowledge of the Quran that even a 6-year-old would know and yet, Rabi Peerzada, a woman in pursuit of religion has failed to learn and understand.

As is evident from her video, which not only shows her ignorance towards the religious matter but her phoney character is too obvious.

The singer who recently made headlines for all the wrongs reasons left showbiz citing personal and spiritual reasons following a major scandal. It is to be noted, that back in 2019, Peerzada’s intimate pictures and videos were plastered all over social media in barely any under-clothes.

According to sources, she performed Umrah some time back and had shown herself offering prayers and taking selfies and had posted them to show off.

She is even alleged to have a partnership with a travel agent to promote his name and number to buy Umrah package.

Renowned Celebrity Performs Umrah

According to reports of Baaghi TV, Peerzada herself was responsible for the leaked videos and images, with the intent to regain popularity and stardom in the community yet it backfired.

Her drama of leaving the showbiz and turning to religion and spirituality seems fake to the common public. She is definitely one attention-seeker and creating vibes on social media one way or the other.

Rabi Peerzada wearing a suicide bomber jacket

Be it her idea to gain publicity to criticize the Indian actor Salman Khan for promoting crime among youth during 2017 in her television interview, or her pictures in 2019, on the social websites threatening the Indian PM, Narendra Modi with a suicide jacket and during the same year after leaking her nude pictures online she declared to quit the industry.

Rabi Peerzada was also involved in a controversy for posing with reptiles like Anacondas and snakes in a video in 2019, which she posted for the Indian PM to threaten him. Later she denied owning them and informed that had just rented them for her video.

Rabi Peerzada posing with a reptile

Nevertheless, she is one celebrity ripping news due to her negative publicity stunts and deserves to be banned access from any form of social media and screen time.

This is the most deplorable and terrible way of being in the news and she should be condemned using religion as her publicity tool.

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