Jahangir Tareen refutes the reports submitted by the committee


Lahore, 5th April: According to reports of Baaghi TV, Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Jahangir Tareen while talking to a private TV channel after the report on the sugar crisis, said that the committee did not take any stance from the sugar association.

Jahangir Tareen informed that Asad Umar had said at the ECC meeting that Punjab government fixes the price of sugarcane. If any subsidy is required Punjab government would extend the offer. Jahangir Tareen further said that the statements made in the report are absolutely wrong. He should present his position before the Prime Minister.

No Mafia can take advantage amid the crisis: PM

Jahangir Tareen further said that during the last five years, he has taken a subsidy of Rs 3 billion, but about two and a half billion rupees belong to the PML-N era. Sugar mills were given a subsidy by the government because the country had produced more than 2 million tons of sugar, the international market had reduced sugar prices and no one wanted to export sugar so the government had to give the subsidy.

In 2018, the crop got doubled and Sugar Mills bought sugar at cheaper rates, our government gave the farmer the full rate of sugarcane and gave Mills half subsidy, this offer was given from the N-League government.

It should be noted that the inquiry committee set up on the directive of Prime Minister Imran Khan on sugar crisis has revealed in its report that there are six groups of mafia and this affects sugar prices.

According to the report of the committee, the six groups have 51% of the total sugar production and they can influence the market by joining hands. The control of a few people on sugar production, and most of them even the political background, shows how they can influence policy and management issues.

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The Jahangir group’s six sugar mills produce 19.47% of the total sugar production. Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiyar’s relative Makhdoom Omar Shahriar’s “RYK” group has 6 sugar mills and produces 12.34 percent sugar. The 5 sugar mills of the Almaz Group produce 6.80 percent sugar and the 3 Sugar Mills of the Tandlanwala Group produce 4.70 percent sugar.

Former President Asif Zardari’s close associate Omni Group has 10 sugar mills and produces 1.66% sugar, Sharif family’s 9 sugar mills produce 4.75% sugar, 38 sugar mills of the above 6 groups. 51.5 percent of the total production of sugar is 10 percent, while the remaining 51 sugar mills produce 49 percent 90 percent sugar.

These sugar mills have established their own organization, Pakistan Sugar Mills Association. Sugar mills went on strike in Punjab from December 30, 2019, to January 1, 2020. The strike was attended by 4 members of the Sharif family, two from the Almaz group, 2 from the Tandalianwala group, one from the RYK and one from the JDW group.

The strike was later terminated on a call from the Sugar Mills Association, which makes it difficult not to guess which groups are part of the mafia and how they are working for common interests?

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