Jalal Sons selling bugs with food?

Lahore, 11th August 2020: Jalal Sons, one of the best bakery and superstore in Lahore is found to be infected with bugs.

According to the report of Baaghi TV, Jalal Sons, the most popular superstore in Lahore has been found to have cockroaches in its store.

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A disgusting video has been circulating on social media showing the presence of cockroaches in one of Lahore’s most elite bakery Jalal Sons.

The video clearly shows cockroaches roaming around in their salad bar and the countertop, infecting the food. The video has been taken from the Jalal Sons of Valencia Town.

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The video has certainly raised alarm among people if such a high-class bakery can be the carrier of bugs and insects then what to think of other food outlets and bakeries in the country?

Looking at the high prices they charge for their specialties, this evidence should clearly put them to shame.

Jalal Sons has always proven to be a neat, clean, and hygienic place, providing its customers with the best services. But now after watching this video, people have all doubts about the quality of their favorite bakery.

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