Javad Zarif accuses Biden of using ‘unlawful sanctions’ on Iran

Lahore, 31st March: Iranian Foreign Minister Muhammad Javad Zarif has made a new accusation against the Biden administration.

According to the report of Baaghi TV, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has slammed the Biden administration, saying that his administration is using sanctions to put pressure on Iran, as his predecessor Donald Trump did.

In a series of tweets, Zarif on his official Twitter account wrote that it was “sad and ironic” that the US State Department was now urging Iran to respect the nuclear deal that the Trump administration had withdrawn from.

He tweeted that the Biden administration was following in Trump’s footsteps and trying to use sanctions on Iran to put pressure on Tehran. He said that bad habits do not change easily.

He added it’s time to kick and move on.

It should be noted that Iran, the United States, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom were involved in the 2015 nuclear deal. Tehran has called for limiting uranium enrichment and allowed international regulators to inspect Iranian facilities.

Thanks to that, trade sanctions on Iran were lifted. But under the former US President DonaldTrump, the United States lifted the deal.

New economic sanctions were imposed on Iran in order to reach a new agreement with Iran. It was called the Joint Plan of Action (JCPOA).

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