Javed Saher’s “Nila Tehaari” Launched at Rawalpindi Arts Council

Rawalpindi (31st July, 2019): Launching ceremony for Javed Saher’s latest book Nila Tehaari takes place in Rawalpindi, arranged by Bazm-e-Gojari in collaboration with the Rawalpindi Arts Council (RAC) 

According to Baaghi TV’s sources, the launching ceremony including the poetry recital in the Gojari language held at the Rawalpindi Arts Council.

The ceremony was reportedly presided over by Syed Yousaf Naeem as Chief Guest, while Javed Saher young poet attended as the guest of honor including Mukhlis Wajdani as a guest. The ceremony was anchored by Safi Rabbani and Rafiq Shahid, respectively.

Reportedly, poets including Hassan Din Hassan, Qamar Din Qamar, Shahid Shau, Tanvir Shafi, and others also recited poetry at the ceremony to thundering applause. Moreover, Chief Guest, Syed Naseem Yousaf reviewed Nila Tehaari at the launching ceremony.

Sources confirm, that the organizers especially thanked Director Rawalpindi Arts Council, Mr. Waqar Ahmed for hosting the ceremony.


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