Jewish conspiracy to rename Al-Aqsa Mosque’s Bab al-Maghreb revealed

Occupied Jerusalem June 9, 2021: Jewish conspiracy to rename Al-Aqsa Mosque Bab al-Magharba has been revealed.

Jews have reportedly begun work on a plan to rename the Al-Aqsa Mosque, also known as the Moroccan Gate, to erase the Islamic identity. ۔ Authorities in the self-proclaimed Zionist state have planned to rename the historic gate, the Bab al-Magharba, to Bab al-Haleel in order to destroy the Islamic identity of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

On the other hand, the Grand Mufti of Palestine, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein, has urged the Palestinians not to leave Al-Aqsa Mosque alone for even a moment. According to Palestinian media, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein said in a statement that the Palestinian people should continue to visit Al-Aqsa Mosque and not let the repair work of the mosque be disrupted.

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