Jewish extremist drove over Palestinian worshippers, injuring them

Lahore, 11th May: Are you a Muslim? Who will save you? Saying this the Jewish extremists drove the car over the Palestinian worshipers in a mosque.

According to reports, the Jewish settlers drove over the Palestinians coming for prayers outside the Masjid Al-Aqsa Mosque, as a result of which several worshipers got injured.

According to local sources, Palestinians were coming for Zuhr prayers on Monday when a Jewish settler drove over them, injuring several worshipers.

The Jewish settler fled the scene after injuring Palestinian worshipers.

It is also reported that the extremist Jewish kept shouting at Muslims before boarding the vehicle and then challenged him to board the vehicle.

Eyewitnesses said Israeli police officers watched the spectacle from a distance and did not stop the Jewish settlers from driving over the Palestinians, but kept smiling.

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