Jirga ends old enmity into friendship in Sakhakot

MALAKAND, Nov 22 (APP)::A forty years long enmity turned into friendship in Sakhakot after a successful negation between the two parties by the local Jirga members here on Sunday.

During the hostilities,two people were killed on both sides and both families suffered financial losses.

Through the efforts of the Jirga members, the parties embraced and took an oath to live like brothers.

According to details, the two sides in Sakhakot, Wali Muhammad and other residents of Nowsherawan Colony, Sakhakot and Ahmed Gul alias Kuch Khan had been in conflict by killing each other wherein two people were killed and both sides suffered financial losses.

A jirga was formed under the leadership of Haji Naseem Khan, a prominent personality to end the long-standing enmity. A large gathering was held in Nowsherarawan Colony, Sakhakot in connection with the consent of the Chairman of the Jirga, Haji Naseem Khan, Mumtaz Alam Din Maulana Jamaluddin, Wali Muhammad, Rahim Bacha Mama and Maulana.

Sahib-ul-Haq addressed the gathering and elaborated the significance of the consent form. Former MPA Syed Muhammad Ali Shah Bacha, District General Secretary of JUI Malakand Maulana Salman Taseer Khan, Haji Muhammad Azam Khan, District General Secretary of ANP Muhammad Irshad Khan Mohmand, Former Tehsil Nazim Shafiullah were present on the occasion.

Khan, former District Council members Faridullah Khan, Haj Akram Khan and Mian Idrees Bacha as well as leaders of political parties, regional leaders, scholars and parties attended in large numbers. Haji Naseem Khan and Maulana Jamaluddin said that suspicion and whispering in hearts was the first step of enmity so we should avoid suspicion and live like brothers.

He said that peace between the two sides would create an atmosphere of peace in the region and peace was essential for a better economic and educated environment.

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