Joe Biden offers to negotiate a new arms control framework with Russia

United States President Joe Biden said that Washington has expressed its readiness to open talks with Moscow, the Russian state-controlled news television network RT reported on Monday (August 1). The report mentioned that the negotiation is apparently “a new arms control framework” with Russia to potentially replace the New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty).

As quoted by the RT website, Biden said: “Today, my Administration is ready to expeditiously negotiate a new arms control framework to replace New START when it expires in 2026. But negotiation requires a willing partner operating in good faith.”

Biden claimed that Moscow “has shattered peace in Europe” with its “brutal and unprovoked” military operation in Ukraine, which became “an attack on fundamental tenets of international order.”

While mentioning China, Biden asked Beijing to take part in talks on nuclear disarmament. As per the report, he said: “China also has a responsibility as an NPT nuclear weapons state and a member of the P5 to engage in talks that will reduce the risk of miscalculation and address destabilizing military dynamics.”

“There is no benefit to any of our nations, or for the world, to resist substantive engagement on arms control and nuclear non-proliferation,” Biden added.