Joe Biden to face difficulties before he gets sworn in


Washington, 10th November: President-elect Joe Biden appears to be on a successful journey, but he has some problems that could bother him during his tenure, according to US analysts.

The American analysts say that the American president is making a lot of promises to the people, but it is difficult to keep all these promises.

Many senior analysts have even said that in foreign policy, Joe Biden will follow the instructions given by Pentagon.

On the other hand, according to analysts, Joe Biden may face opposition on many issues, not only on the external front but also within the party.

The party’s moderate and progressive leaders may also disagree on a proposed plan for a universal healthcare program (Public Health for All).

Some Democratic leaders fear that the program will require trillions of dollars, which will inevitably lead to new taxes.

Some analysts say the Senate has yet to win a majority, while the House of Representatives has lost some seats, leading to tensions between the party’s moderate and progressive circles.

Some Democratic leaders have also raised objections to cuts in police spending and slogans of socialism.

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