Joe Biden to seek approval from the Pentagon

Washington, 5th November Joe Biden, the emerging winning candidate so far wants a major change in US policy but will have to seek approval from the Pentagon.

Baaghi TV: The defeat of the incumbent President Donald Trump and the victory of former Vice President Joe Biden in the upcoming US presidential election could lead to a major change in US policies.

According to reports from the Reuters, American think tanks say that after Biden’s victory, many major decisions and measures taken by President Donald Trump can be withdrawn, suspended and completely abolished. But the real approval will come from the Pentagon.

It is also said that Biden has issues in the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe, trade, terrorism, arms sales, immigration laws and others that he has no choice but to resolve. Relations with old allies can be expected to be re-established.

According to US experts, in both cases of victory of the Democrats or Republicans in the United States, there is no major change in the policies of the administration and the allies and rivals of the United States remain the same.

On the other hand, Biden will soon be able to make a difference using the experience of the Senate and the White House.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Biden said he knew how to handle global issues. “I know about national security and intelligence,” Biden said. “That’s what I’ve been doing all my life, but Trump doesn’t know anything about it.”  Biden’s team also includes foreign policy experts who have worked with former US presidents.

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