Journalists to Protest through Tomatoes and Dirty Eggs

Lahore Press Club and EMRA have strictly protested against the electronic and print media organizations who did not pay salaries for the last several months, and have condemned this ruthless process.

The press release issued by the Lahore Press Club’s Secretary Zahid Abid said that the news agencies, including Public News, 7 New, are not paying salaries for the last several months. Lahore Press Club condemns the cruelty and disgusting acts and warns them to pay salaries this week, otherwise protesters will protest against the offices of these institutions and will ban the coverage of all events in the Lahore Press Club.

According to the report, EMRA President Asif Butt has also condemned the departments who are not paying salaries. There are many institutions who are not paying salaries to the workers, if the owners of these journalists will not pay salaries till Friday, then EMRA body will protest outside the office of enemy owners and throw dirty eggs and tomatoes.

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