Judicial Officer, MPA’s husband dispute in front of Foreign office

ISLAMABAD: According to reports, a quarrel broke out between the Judicial Officer and husband of PTI Punjab Assembly member Abida Raja at a petrol pump in front of the Foreign Office in the red zone of the federal capital Islamabad.

According to the report, a quarrel broke out between the Judicial Officer and the husband of MPA Abida Raja, Chaudhry Khurram at the Parliament House signal. When the Judicial Officer reached the pump in front of the Foreign Office in the red zone to refuel, the husband of the MPA attacked the Judicial Officer.

CCTV footage of Chaudhry Khurram beating up a judicial officer came to light. In the CCTV footage, Abida Raja’s husband, Chaudhry Khurram can be seen slapping and punching the people in the car.

According to police, the judicial officer fired at Chaudhry Khurram’s feet in self-defense. After the incident, the parties were taken into police custody and shifted to the police station secretariat. The judicial officer has been taken to the polyclinic hospital for medical treatment, police officials said.

Later in the conversation with the media, Additional Sessions Judge Malik Jahangir was asked how this incident happened so he said I don’t know, I was pumping gasoline at the pump, they came and started beating me. He said that they seemed to have misunderstood someone else.

On the other hand, PTI MPA Abida Raja while talking to the media outside the police station secretariat said that our vehicle was parked at the petrol pump and someone opened fire. My husband was in the car. The shooter has been caught by the police while pistol shells have also been recovered from the spot.

Police, on the other hand, said that the judicial officer and the MPA’s husband had sought a respite till tomorrow regarding the legal proceedings and the parties were trying to resolve the issue amicably.

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