JUI-F Leader Makes Major Blunder

JUI-F leader, Atta UK Haq Durvesh chants "Go Nawaz Go"

ISLAMABAD (2nd Nov, 2019): JUI-F leader, Maulana Atta ul Haq Durvesh urges protestors to chant ‘Go Nawaz Go’.

According to Baaghi TV’s details, protestors were reportedly puzzled at the unusual appeal by JUI-F leader, Atta ul Haq, as he urged participants of the Azadi March to chant slogans of ‘Go Nawaz Go’. Durvesh reportedly retracted after an intervention from JUI-F leaders present at the occasion.

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It is important to note, that the JUI-F chief has demanded resignation of Prime Minister, Imran Khan, however, Atta UK Haq Gurvesh mistakenly appealed the removal of former PM, Nawaz Sharif.

Moreover, JUI-F Chief has given two days to PM Khan to hand in his resignation. He has reportedly, threatened PM Khan alleging a forced resignation at the hands of protestors.

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