JUI-F Plan B to face same fate like Maulana’s flopped Dharna: Experts

PESHAWAR, Nov 14 (APP):Senior political experts here Thursday believed the plan B of Jamait-e-UIema Islam (JUIF) regarding blocking of highways and roads in the country would face the same fate like flopped Dharna of his leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman in Islamabad.

“The Dharna of JUIF has been completely failed to achieve its objectives” said Provincial Minister for Environment and Forests, Syed Istiaq Urmar while talking to APP.

He said the country can’t afford political anarchy and destabilization besides blocking of highways and main roads as such agitation moves would serve no purpose rather would create enormous difficulty for people and patients during inter provincial and districts movement.

He said Government has demonstrated great political maturity by allowing the so-called Azadi March from Karachi to Islamabad by opening of highways and motorways for facilitation of marchers.

“Not a single incident of clash between police and JUIF workers has been reported during Dharna and Azadi March from any part of the country courtesy to Govt foolproof security arrangements.”

He said the Government has given preference to dialogue by forming a high-level committee led by Defense Minister Pervez Khattak to hold meaningful and constructive negotiations with leadership of JUIF and opposition parties during Azadi March for dignified conclusion of JUIF Dharna but it were not reciprocated positively by JUIF leadership and Rehbar Committee of the joint Opposition.

“Had the Govt negotiations committee proposals been accepted, JUIF would not have faced the current embarrassing situation,” he said.

The JUIF leader said patients and others segment of the society would be largely suffered in case of roads blockade and whole responsibility would be rest on JUIF leadership if any untoward incident was reported.

He said Government strongly believed in resolution of all problems through negotiations and our doors are still open for opposition parties for meaningful dialogue.

The Minister said Pakistan’s can’t afford political instability and chaos in the present geo-political situation and expressed optimism that JUIF would leave politics of agitation and support the government for resolution of problems like unemployment, price hike, illiteracy, inflation and poverty.

He said peaceful protest was a democratic right of the opposition and warned that law would take its own course if protestors took law in hands in the country.
Ajmal Wazir, Adviser to the Chief Minister on Merged Areas said that KP Govt would not create hurdles in peaceful protest demonstrations of JUIF in the province. He said Government has fully honoured agreement with JUIF regarding Azadi March that was being appreciated by civil society and people of Pakistan. He said people would suffer due to closure of roads and highways.

Misal Khan, political analyst and a retired information officer said JUIF Dharna was completely flopped as not a single objective was achieved by Maulana Sahib. He said neither the illogical and unconstitutional demands of Prime Minister’s resignation have been obtained nor PTI was ousted from power as trumpeted by JUIF Chief during the entire Azadi March and Dharna.

He said PTI has successfully defended the mandate of people by strictly adhering to democratic values during Azadi March. He said PTI leadership has showed great political tolerance and maturity during 15 days long Dharna and allowed marchers to go Islamabad from across the country without any obstacles.

He said Pakistan’s can’t afford political instability as blockades of roads and highways were against fundamental rights of citizens. He said constitution allowed free movement and communication of the citizens and forceful blockades of roads and highways would be a complete violation of the constitution.

He appreciated both the government and JUIF leadership for not violating agreement during entire Azadi March and Dharna of JUIF.

PTI leader and former Nazim Bhadar Khan said JUIF Dharna was failed because of clarity of vision and irrational demands of JUIF leader. He said political orphans had gathered around Maulana Fazl during Azadi March for political gains but their dreams of destabilizing PTI led Government was completely failed.

He said Imran Khan was an elected Prime Minister of Pakistan and would complete its five years constitutional term.

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