Justice Chauhan Issues Judgment in Saleem Malik Hearing

By Sohail Ali

LAHORE, Oct 26 (APP): Former Lahore High Court Judge, Mr Justice (retd) Fazal-e-Miran Chauhan, in his capacity as an independent adjudicator, today announced his judgement in Saleem Malik’s appeal in relation to his plea that PCB should issue a Clearance Certificate in his favour.

In the concluding paragraphs of the 11-page judgement, Justice Chauhan wrote: “Appellant (Saleem Malik) is seeking a Clearance Certificate from the PCB to the effect that he is not involved in any kind of match-fixing or betting. This prayer for issuance of NOC from PCB (the employer) is unnatural. Appellant has applied for a job or post or permission to run a Cricket Academy under PCB and at the same time is seeking an NOC from the PCB. This prayer cannot be granted.”

“The appellant had to show his good character independent of the PCB. He cannot ask the PCB to issue an NOC for providing him a job or grant him permission. The appeal in hand is disposed of holding that the PCB shall not use the transcripts dated 25-5-2000 against the appellant (Saleem Malik) without verifying the same against original tapes. PCB is further directed to decide the application of the appellant (Saleem Malik) for the post of batting coach, either way.”

PCB Counsel Mr Taffazul Rizvi, said: “The appeal filed by Mr Saleem Malik has been disposed of by the learned independent adjudicator, Mr Justice (Retd) Fazal-e-Miran Chohan. The learned independent adjudicator has inter alia held that the prayer of Mr Salim Malik for the grant of NOC cannot be granted as he has to show his good character. It is also been held by the adjudicator that Mr Salim Malik cannot ask the PCB to issue an NOC to provide him a job or grant him permission.”

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