‘JusticeForNadiaAshraf’ becomes a top Twitter trend

Lahore, 17th August: ‘JusticeForNadiaAshraf’ has become a top trend on Twitter today.

According to Baaghi TV, after the suicide of Karachi University Ph.D. scholar Nadia Ashraf, ‘JusticeForNadiaAshraf’ has become a top trend on Twitter.

Promising student of Karachi University commits suicide: Report

Nadia Ashraf was known to be a promising student of Dr. Panjwani Center for Molecular Medicine and Research, Karachi University. Scholars are in a state of panic, the country’s higher authorities are urged to take serious note of this incident.

Her friends believe that Dr. Iqbal Chaudhry had imposed his favorite incompetent faculty Dr. Atiya Al-Wahab on Nadia Ashraf in order to annoy Nadia. She was very upset because of this. Nadia had also revealed that when she got a job in another research organization, Iqbal Chaudhry tried to terminate Nadia Ashraf’s job there as well.

Indian soldiers forced to commit suicide

Nadia Ashraf rejoined the Panjwani Center and submitted her dissertation for an extension in Ph.D., but Iqbal Chaudhry annoyed her further and asked her to take another six-month extension.

The compelled girl took the extension again but Nadia Ashraf did not have that much power, after which she committed suicide.

People on Twitter want justice for such an innocent girl, according to them, it was a murder, not a suicide.

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