Kabul University Attack: Death Toll Rises

Kabul, 2nd November: A university in Kabul, Afghanistan has been attacked where the death toll has risen to 25.

Baaghi TV: Today a university in Afghanistan was under a terrorist’s attack where the number of students killed has risen to 25 and about 50 people have been injured. The death toll is expected to rise.

According to Afghan media ‘Tolo’ news, the sounds of firing and explosions were heard in Kabul University in the morning after which a large number of students in the university compound evacuated the area.

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According to Afghan media, the sounds of firing and explosions came when Afghan and Iranian officials were inaugurating a book fair at the university.

According to sources, a student said that he was informed about the presence of armed men in the university after which the students started leaving the university.

Netizens are sharing different photos and videos related to the attack. According to reports, three attackers were reported to be seen.

A heavy contingent of security forces was called in after the incident, which has entered the university, and so far no details have been revealed about the attackers.

The Afghan Taliban said immediately after the attack that they had nothing to do with the armed operation, AFP reported.

But in the past, various extremist groups, including ISIS, have carried out bloody attacks on important educational institutions in different cities of Afghanistan for years.

After the attack, Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Aryan told reporters that Afghan security forces are in the area and trying to control the situation.

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