Kangana Ranaut asked her fans to unfollow her


Mumbai, 10th November: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has advised her fans to follow and block her social media account.

Baaghi TV: Kangana Ranaut, an Indian actress who is quite active on Twitter and expresses her opinion boldly, said in her message that she wants to give advice to all her fans who check her tweets all day and tell her to remain silent:

Ranaut wrote on Twitter, “all the fans who keep checking my tweets all day and keep declaring they are bored/tired and ask me to stay quiet should Mute/unfollow or Block me if you don’t then you are clearly obsessed. Don’t love me like a hater but if you don’t know any better then go for it.”

Earlier, Kangana had made some interesting remarks about newly-elected US President Joe Biden, saying that his data crashes every 5 minutes. It will not last more than a year. Clearly, Kamala will run the system. When a woman emerges, she paves the way for every woman.


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