Kangana Ranaut tests positive for COVID-19

May 8, 2021: Indian actress Kangana Ranaut has also fallen victim to the global epidemic Coronavirus. BaaghiTV: The actress told fans in a post on Instagram that she had been feeling tired for the past few days with a slight burning sensation in her eyes. After arriving in Himachal Pradesh, she had her corona test and tested positive.

Kangana said she quarantined herself after testing positive for corona, but had no idea the coronavirus was partying in her body. The actress wrote that she will defeat the virus soon, and urged people to please let nothing rule them, she said people need to control their bodies with their minds and what you are afraid of will scare you. The actress added, “Let’s get rid of this COVID 19. It is nothing more than a common cold cough. We have made it a psychological problem by promoting it more.”

It should be noted that more than 4,000 deaths have been reported from Corona in a single day in India. In India, 4,187 deaths and 41,078 cases were reported in 24 hours.

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