Kanye West has spent millions on his Presidential Campaign


7th September: Kanye West, US famous rapper, billionaire, and husband to the very popular Kim Kardashian tweeted that he was going to stand up for president earlier this year during the quarantine.

His statement hit the world with surprise and all his fans were excited about his new venture but Kim Kardashian, his wife asked him to drop his plans or divorce her.

Their feud took place over Twitter and was reported and highlighted everywhere.

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Many people didn’t take his statement seriously as many states across America had closed registrations for those planning to stand up for president when Kayne West disclosed his plans.

It has been reported that Kanye West has spent a total of 6 million dollars already for his presidential run where he will be trying to replace Donald Trump to take his place in the white house.

Kanye also expressed his love and respect for Donald Trump earlier this year to which Trump responded positively and showed his consent regarding Mr. West’s plan to stand up for President.

Kanye West is off the ballot

43-year-old Kanye West has spent around 5.7 million dollars on his campaign, with most of that money going toward consultants and fees.

Most of the money he has spent on his campaign was his own but a small amount was also generated by his fans donating money for his campaign. The outspoken rap star has loaned his campaign more than $6.7 million, with the only other source of income coming from small donations from fans.

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