Karachi to Recieve Heat Wave till 15th June: Met Office

Karachi (14th June, 2019): Karachi is expected to receive heat wave till the 15th of June, 2019.

Karachi has received severe heat on Friday too. According to Met Office, this heat wave in Karachi will persist till June 15. Met office has already issued red alert in Karachi.

Weather will remain hot and dry till June 15 in Karachi while temperature will decrease from June 16.
Temperature will go 39 to 41 degree centigrade’s in the day timings during heat wave.

Sea winds are not expected any time soon, while hot and dry winds are expected from north and North West areas.

Citizens of Karachi have been directed not to come outside unnecessarily during day timings, should use cold drinks and keep cool, and if they come outside then they should cover their heads with wet cloth and keep themselves cool.


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