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Kashmir: A nuclear clash point between India and Pakistan

Kashmir-A-nuclear-clash-point-between-India-and-Pakistan #Baaghi

Kashmir is bleeding again today… clouds of smoke all around, state-sponsored terrorism, and genocide of innocent Kashmiris continues by Indian occupied forces in IIOJK.

The Indian occupied forces have continued their brutal fake encounters in the occupied valley of Jammu and Kashmir. It is inflicting the worst atrocities on Kashmiris to stop them from fighting for their rights. If we look at the brutality of the Indian Army, the canal passing near the city of Jammu will look red with the blood of Kashmiris.

Kashmiris have so far suffered the most loss of life and property due to the barbarity of the occupying forces. In this regard, 95,806 people were martyred. Indian terrorism destroyed many homes. Among the martyrs are 904 children.

It should be noted that many movements arose in India where Kashmiris made the most sacrifices. So far 22,928 women have been widowed and about 107,880 children have been orphaned since the Indian massacre. The latest reports from the Occupied Territories have further aggravated the situation. India did not back down from its tactics on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha, the Indian occupying forces continued their oppression.

India has a history of betrayals against Kashmiris. However, the tactics of the worst brutality could not break Kashmiris from their resolve. It should also be noted that the Indian Army has so far raped 11,244 women. Children and women are being missed under the pretext of siege and search. India is scared. That is why the Modi regime dramatized to establish a new government in achieving its goals. Moreover, India is pursuing new plans to crush the Kashmiris movement.

The important thing is that the peace in the region is connected with the settlement of the Kashmir issue between two nuclear-armed countries. India is the only country in the region, which is ruled by RSS ideology. The country playing Holi with the blood of Kashmiris is not yet on the hit list of human rights organizations. The widespread terrorism by the Indian Army in the Occupied Territories is a clear example of India’s failure and India is very confused.

Another crucial factor, in this regard, is that the entire Hurriyat leadership of Kashmir is in grave danger from India. The effects of the series of betrayals by the Modi government are threatening world peace. The intentions of the Modi government engaged in arms procurement are extremely dangerous.

The oppression and barbarism of the Indian army continue, but Kashmiris is also responding with bricks and stones. Frightened by the success of the independence movement, the army is worried about being stoned by Kashmiris. Moreover, new strategies and new plans are being considered. The deployment of additional troops in occupied Jammu and Kashmir is aimed at crushing the movement. The United Nations has also taken ritual notice of India’s brutality and genocide of innocent lives through new and old schemes.

However, there is a need to play a practical role now keeping in view the whole situation. Also, the reports published by the UN Commission on Human Rights on Indian barbarism should be implemented. Also, a practical role should be played in stopping the massacre of Kashmiris.

The international community must note that, if the Modi government’s horrific plans against humanity are not stopped, the ongoing tensions in the region will increase further. This Indian policy will lead to the greatest debacle in the region. As it is well-known to everyone, this region experienced four foremost wars between India and Pakistan.

Recently, in February 2019, an aerial dogfight has been a little glimpse of a possible war outbreak in the region between India and Pakistan and both rivals are now nuclear powers.

It’s a duty of international bodies to bound India that, Kashmir is an internationally accepted dispute and India cannot change its status unilaterally. So, the international community should come forward to impress upon India to withdraw its unconstitutional move of 5th August 2019 and restore the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. India trampled all Politico-ethical norms and values on 5th August 2019.

In this regard, if a conventional war starts, India will be responsible for the whole situation. Kashmiris do not accept slavery in India in any way. The war of independence will continue. It is important to note that more than 40,000 Indian troops are called Jammu and Kashmir to massacre innocent Kashmiris.

Additionally, military movements in the occupied valley have caused unrest among the people. The Modi government wants to eradicate the role of Muslims from the politics of the region through its new tricks and new schemes.

The world community must wake up from deep sleeping inertia before it’s too late!

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