‘Kashmir has always been our lifeblood’, President Dr. Arif Alvi


Baaghi TV: President Dr. Arif Alvi while addressing the Pakistan Day Parade said, Happy Pakistan Day to all Pakistanis. He thanked all the attendees including the army, navy and air force involved in the parade.

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He said that today is the day of Pakistani Muslims of the subcontinent, a celebration of their own identity and freedom. This day reminds us of Allama Iqbal’s dream which Quaid-e-Azam put into practice. He is an example of how the armed forces and the people of Pakistan together made Pakistan the greatest country in the world. He gave a special message to his enemies by overcoming terrorism.

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Dr. Arif Alvi said that whether there was war, internal disturbances, terrorism or natural calamities, the people and the forces have played a role in protecting the homeland. The Pakistan Army destroyed the terrorist network in Operation Rad-al-fasad. The world is facing the Corona virus epidemic, and despite the scarcity of facilities, we will soon be able to overcome the Corona epidemic however, caution is required.

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“We want peace and security in the entire region and we want development,” he said. The South Asian leadership must abandon the politics of bigotry and religious extremism. The whole world, including Pakistan, is concerned over the oppression of Kashmiris. We will defend our freedom at all costs. We are committed to our security and defense and are equipped with all kinds of capabilities, he added.

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Establishing lasting peace in South Asia is conditional on a just solution to Occupied Kashmir issue. The move of August 5th is a clear violation of UN resolutions. The international community should take notice of the persecution in Occupied Kashmir. “We are raising our voice for Kashmiris in every forum of the world and will continue to do so. Undoubtedly, Kashmir is our lifeblood. I assure the Kashmiris that the Pakistani nation stands by you and will continue to stand by you”, he said.

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Addressing the OIC, he said that Islamophobia should be countered by forgetting our differences. We have strong ties with the Gulf States and Central Asia. I am grateful to China for the supply of corona vaccine. Pak-China cooperation is strengthening in all fields including defense, economy and diplomacy. China is our true friend.

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The President further said that today Pakistan is a nuclear power. Peaceful coexistence is a part of Pakistan’s foreign policy. Will defend your freedom at all costs. Forums like OIC need to be strengthened.

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