Kashmir: Violent Indians lash out at Muslim students

Srinagar: Happiness in India, including Occupied Kashmir over Indian defeat lead to firework celebration; however, angry Indians attacked Muslim students out of frustration.

Celebrations in Kashmir have erupted over India’s shocking defeat at the hands of Pakistan and now attacks on Muslims are continuing till the last reports. There are also reports that extremist Hindus have started attacking students studying in various educational institutions in India.

Pakistan made history by defeating India by 10 wickets in T20 cricket. In such a situation, young people took to the streets in Pakistan and at the same time citizens in occupied Kashmir also celebrated.

Army Chief appreciates the National Team on the win

Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir celebrated Pakistan’s victory at a time when the occupied valley has been turned into a military barracks in the presence of Indian Home Minister Amit Shah.

On the historic victory of Pakistan, citizens across the valley came out on the squares and waved Pakistani flags. Kashmiris set off fireworks all over the valley and at the same time the atmosphere resounded with slogans of ‘Long live Pakistan’.

Kashmiris chanted slogans like ‘Jive Jive Pakistan’, ‘Teri Jan Meri Jan Pakistan Pakistan.’

Pakistan decide to bowl against India in T20 World Cup

PIA makes special arrangements for PAK vs IND match

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