Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik’s life at risk, Baaghi TV calls for UN to take notice

Lahore: The chevalier of Kashmir movement, Yasin Malik, is in a very critical health and Indian forces can even kill him country to suppress freedom of movement. The UN should take notice of the barbarism on Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik and rescue him from Indian prisons.

Baaghi TV has appealed to the UN, saying there are reports that the life of the Yasin Malik is in danger and Indian authorities are neither providing medical care nor allowing anyone else to do so.

Baaghi TV, while appealing to the UN, say that the international community should make arrangements for the treatment of Yasin Malik as soon as possible, lest the Kashmiri nation be deprived of a great leader such as Yasin Malik due to the negligence of the international community.

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