Key Opposition leader arrested?


According to a Baaghi TV report, Indian police arrested several Congress leaders, including Priyanka Gandhi.

The Congress leader was marching to meet President Ram Nath Kovind. The Congress leaders were arrested as they were going to Rashtarpathi Bhun to visit the President on Thursday morning to present a memorandum of 20 million signatures against agricultural laws.

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After the arrest, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi said, the young man is the son of a farmer who is defying the voice of the farmers. Blown away at this stubbornness, is there any respect for the young, the farmer in the heart of this government, or does its politics only respect its capitalist friends?

As soon as the police stopped the Congress march, Priyanka Gandhi said that any dissent against the government was classified as having elements of terrorism. We have come out to support the farmers, we are living in a democracy and those members have been elected. They have the right to meet the President and they should be allowed. What’s wrong with that? The Modi government is not ready to listen to the voices of millions of farmers camping on the borders.

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Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal had said yesterday that the Congress had launched a signature campaign in September in support of the repeal of agricultural laws. In this campaign, people from all over the country have signed against the agricultural laws. The signatures from across the country have been submitted, which a delegation of Congress leaders led by Rahul Gandhi will hand over to the President on December 24th and demand repeal of agricultural laws.

On the other hand, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi once again tweeted in support of the farmers’ movement against the new agricultural laws, saying that the farmers were running a movement against the agricultural laws only to avoid such a tragedy. I have to support all the grain growers in the country.

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Hundreds of thousands of farmers are protesting across the Delhi border against three agricultural laws passed by the Modi government in Parliament. The movement is gaining support from farmers in Uttar Pradesh after Punjab and Haryana, and farmers in several states have expressed solidarity with the protesters. Many rounds of government talks with farmers have failed. Now the fire of protest is spreading from village to village and people’s anger is growing. A large number of farmers are preparing to go to Delhi and join the protest.

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Priyanka Gandhi, others detained during march to Rashtrapati Bhawan

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