Killing the Daughter of Brother Under Provocation is Unfortunate: SC

ISLAMABAD, August 03 (Online Int’l): The Supreme Court has remarked that the benefit of the doubt is given to the accused in every case but doubt should not be created in any case. 

The court further remarked that if we have to change the interpretation of law we will change it. 

A two members bench of SC presided over by Justice Mazhar Alam Miankhel took up the appeal plea filed against award of life imprisonment to accused person Ashraf in a murder case for hearing Monday. 

Justice Qazi Muhammad Amin remarked during the hearing of the case that killing the daughter of a brother under any provocation is unfortunate. The law has to be brought to such a level where stability comes in the society. Arms should not be allowed in the society. Such incidents will happen when arms are possessed by short tempered people. Anger has been declared unlawful in Islam for this reason. 

The lawyer Khalid Abbasi said that during a brawl between two brothers, the bullet hit the daughter of the other brother. There is a lacuna in the court’s decisions. There is contradiction in the witnesses. The court while rejecting the appeal plea  by the culprit Ashraf against the life imprisonment awarded to him has wrapped up the case.

Culprit Ashraf was charged with killing daughter of his brother over a spat during a meal. 

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