King Charles III, the new face of the British Monarchy

Charles the III is too open in his refreshingly appreciative views of Islam. He has been talking about medieval Islam. The golden rule of Muslims in Spain. Then he refers to and speaks about the Prophet in the book Mohammad (PBUH) – a book written by Martin Lings. A British-born writer who was a convert most commonly known as Abu Bakar Siraj-ud-Din.

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Charles believes the Muslims, the Christians, and the Jews are people who believe in one God. He, in one of his speeches, highlighted the role of Muslim researchers who have rendered invaluable contributions in the world of science, mathematics, medicine, architecture, and various other fields.

It is perhaps the right moment for leaders from our part of the world to engage in dialogues and smooth things over. The seeds of hatred sown against our sacred religion in the west can be removed if able-minded leaders work towards this end. Hopefully, all will be well. Long live the King.

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After his accession to the throne, he said he would lead the rest of his life, serving people and humanity. It would have been opportune if he had availed himself of this opportunity and uttered a few words towards atonement. He would have been seen as a BENEVOLENT King then. My personal hunch.

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