King of Comedy world, Farooq Qaiser known as Uncle Sargam passes away

Lahore: Uncle Sargam, the king of the comedy world, has passed away.

Uncle Sargam’s condition was somewhat unhealthy. News of his death has become a mountain of grief among his loved ones. He has been spreading happiness to the world for the last two decades.

Farooq Qaiser known as Uncle Sargam was a Pakistani artist, columnist, director, puppeteer and voice actor. Besides this, he has also written some books.

Farooq Qaiser’s identity became his famous character “Uncle Sargam” which he presented in 1976 in the children’s TV show Kaliyan. He is also a well known cartoonist. Farooq Qaiser also wrote a column for the Daily Nai Baat, entitled “Meethay Karelay“.

Farooq Qaiser’s books include “Hor Pocho, Kalam Galoch, Meethay Karelay and Meray pyaray Allah miyan“. And his famous characters are “Haga, Masi Musibatay, Sharmili and Uncle Sargam“. In addition, Farooq Qaiser’s TV shows include “Kaliyan, Dak Time, Siyasi Kaliyan” etc.

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