Knife attacks on anti-racism protests in Britain

According to the details of Baaghi TV, knife attacks were held during anti-racist protests in the United Kingdom (UK).

Sources quoted police as saying they were dealing with a “serious accident” in a park in Reading.

A security official said police had arrived at the scene and launched an investigation. Activists on social media reported that several people had been stabbed, while police had sealed off the scene. Citizens have been told to stay away from the affected area.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson has expressed his support for the victims of the crash in Reading. It should be noted that after the death of a black American citizen in the United States, these demonstrations spread not only in the United States but also in the United Kingdom. Earlier, protesters demanded the removal of Churchill’s statue.

It should be noted that after the United States, there is a demand in Britain for the removal of such statues and monuments which promote white racial discrimination and are reminiscent of the slave trade.

More than 1.5 million people have signed an online petition to remove the statue of Cecil Rhodes from the Oxford University campus by the mayor of London.

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