Kuwait Airways denies the termination of Pakistani pilots

Kuwait Airways denies the termination of Pakistani pilots

June 28th, 2020: Kuwait Airways now denies the termination of Pakistani pilots or ground handling staff from their airline.

Earlier there were multiple reports of seven Pakistani pilots and 56 ground staff has been allegedly grounded by Kuwait Airways after it was found that 30% of the country’s civilian pilots have fake licenses.

However, today on Twitter they denied the reports of termination and also that they have no Pakistani nationals amongst their cockpit crew, and have 13 engineers who posses genuine and verified certification.

Kuwait Airways decides to ground Pakistani pilots, engineers

It must be remembered that worldwide there was a chaos after the sweeping statement of Aviation Minister of Pakistan and following grounding of many pilots around the world. According to reports, Vietnam Civil Aviation Authority laid off 20 Pakistani pilots from their crew.

Vietnam grounds 20 Pakistani pilots over fake degree concerns
Ethiopian Airlines may ground Pakistani pilots tomorrow

COVID-19 has already contributed to many cuts in airline jobs and with a ministerial statement like this it is bound to result negatively for many fellow citizens working overseas.

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