Labor Day, what is the government doing for the workers?

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Islam places special emphasis on respecting the principles of social justice and the rights of workers.

In his message on Labor Day, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the present government is committed to providing housing, education and health facilities to the workers and their families and is focused on improving their conditions. The government is fully aware of the challenges posed by the Corona epidemic to workers, especially those working on a daily wage, and has launched a labor awareness program for low-income workers.

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1st May reminds us of the sacrifices, bravery and determination of the workers who have laid down their lives to uphold the basic rights and a fair work environment.

Apart from being a symbol of the hardships of the workers, it gives us the opportunity to acknowledge the invaluable services of our workers at home and abroad for nation building. “Islam places special emphasis on social justice and respect for workers’ rights,” he said. Many hadiths of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) teach us about the rights of the working people, paying them proper compensation and ensuring fair treatment of the working class, he added.

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According to reports, he said that the government’s aim is to create an automated, integrated system for workers’ welfare agencies to ensure transparency and reduce delays in providing relief to them. The present government has initiated vocational training and skills development programs keeping in view the needs of the labor market so that better employment opportunities are available to the workers at home and abroad.

The Prime Minister said that our government is fully aware of the situation and challenges posed by COVID-19, especially for the workers. We consider our workers as our own and are well aware of our responsibilities towards them. We are committed to ensuring that all sections of the population, including workers, prosper from the fruits of economic growth.

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Chief Minister Punjab, Usman Buzdar has said Labor Day stands to remind us that workers are our heroes who strengthen the economy while, earning for their families. As early as 1886, workers in Chicago paid sacrifices for their rights and this day serves to remind us of their struggle against oppression. Moreover, Islam teaches us the greatness and welfare of the workers.

CM Buzdar said that he is committed to giving workers their rights in ‘Naya Pakistan’. The government is taking real steps for the welfare of the workers whereas in the past the workers were kept on promises and in the past no practical steps were taken for the welfare of the workers.

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