Lack of discipline by PIA staff, supporting “Me Too” ideology


Lahore, 8th June: Compromising our national security has become a routine for our country and things have not been taken seriously, neither do we identify and punish the culprits to set an example so that such incidents are not repeated.

Worth mentioning is one such incident where a video showing a Polish tourist and travel blogger Eva Bianka Zu Beck performing the popular ‘Kiki Challenge’ in and outside a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) aircraft went viral on social media.

It is worth mentioning here that if PIA is following the “MeToo” ideology, then who can save it from catastrophe, a special report reveals everything.

According to reports, it is now being said that if the PIA is determined not to change its position on its own, then no one can prevent its further damage.

According to Baaghi TV, since the information about the pilot responsible for the crash of PIA aircraft in Karachi came to light, people have started saying that they will no longer travel on the national airline.

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According to sources, this is not the first time, but there have been several incidents before that clearly unveil the incompetence of the national airline. It is common that PIA staff does not follow the discipline and there is an importance of code of conduct in the staff and jungle law prevails.

Sources say that many such incidents have come to light that even the common man has a special approach within this important and sensitive institution of Pakistan.

Not only that but also such incidents have come to light in which foreign men and especially girls are seen jumping and dancing in PIA planes. Then it can be said that PIA has now adopted the idea of self-destruction shooting themselves in the foot.

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According to Baaghi TV, a similar incident took place a few years ago in which a Polish girl was flying around in a PIA plane as if she was performing in a show. Interestingly, the plane was parked at the airport, the woman’s access to the plane showed the security loophole.

Dance by a foreign woman draped in a Pakistani flag on a national airline flight back in August 2018 raised a lot of questions regarding security.

Draped in the Pakistani flag, Eva Zu Beck can be seen doing her own rendition of the popular ‘Kiki challenge’ based on a song by Canadian singer Drake.

Who gives permission to these unknown girls, makes them famous and our security looks the other way?

The issue also opened the floodgates for the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA). The dance with the national flag of a woman is a great proof of the misery of PIA. On the other hand, the foreign woman who became viral on social media, Zu Beck, said that the presence of the Pakistani flag in the dance hurt the sentiments of the people, for which she apologized to the Pakistanis, saying that she loves the people and culture of Pakistan.

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These foreign girls seem to have some real contact and following in PCAA as Hareem Shah video is another unanswered query.

On the other hand, citizens say that unless this culture is eradicated, it is impossible to prevent accidents in PIA.

How do these foreigners, YouTubers, or female influencers get away with a lot? Why or who lets them getaway? Why do we continue to out our national security at risk?

The answers are still awaited…

The government should take notice of these questions and important decisions to be taken soon to prevent such incidents.

Stay tuned to Baaghi TV for more updates!

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